Fraternal Economy

The economic and financial crisis broke the balance of the twenty years from 1989 until 2008 (fall of the Berlin Wall and the two opposing ideological blocs): capitalism now is looking for a new modality. The current spread of COVID-19 creates new uncertainties for global economic growth and causes a profound rethinking of the fundamentals of the current system. In order to get out of the shallows in which we find ourselves, it is necessary to recognize at the outset that the post-1989 historical phase now has closed. The solution is certainly not to go back to a previous time, but to dream and design a new phase, starting from the demand for humanization and fraternity. Read more

The exhibition is directed by Felice Autieri OFMConv 

Exhibition editing:Domenico Paoletti OFMConv, Felice Autieri OFMConv, Oreste Bazzichi, Paolo Capitanucci 

English translation: Daniel Mc Tague Quackenbush OFMConv